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Design and Identity

A Good Logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form, and it conveys the owner’s intended message.

Graphic Consistancy builds the business identity, makes the brand stickier and provides the foundation for future branding efforts.

Copy t/k

Mechanical engineers, designers, machinists and coders use language specific to thier trade. Spend a few hours with them and find out. My job is translating the jargon into digestable yet accurate words. You know, stuff your mom will understand.                                  


Client: VF Engineering

Job: Print and web marketing materials, forced induction

Deliverables: Images, design, copy

VF760 Gallardo LP

The Flagship product to emanate from the VF-Engineering R&D facility in Anaheim, California in 2011 is a bolt on roots supercharger system adding 200hp and 200lbs of torque to the V10 Gallardo (FSI engine). Available for 2009-14 models worldwide, this system uses the latest generation Eaton TVS2300 4-lobe roots supercharger with an air/water aftercooling system.

Engine calibration is programmed with an ECU OBD2 port electronic flash/Direct flash and was designed by VF/Hex Tuning maintaining the Bosch safety functions and using the factory engine controls to re-calibrate for an enhanced combustion cycle. Extensive tuning of the camshaft timing mapping, allows appropriate charging of the combustion cylinders to produce an extra 120 ft/lbs of torque at 2000rpm. 

Tested by Motor Trend magazine, the supercharged V10 achieves 0-60 in 3.1s, the quarter mile flag in 11.0 sec @ 127.3 mph.


  • Eaton TVS2300 roots supercharger
  • 6061 Aluminum intake manifold
  • Internal bypass system
  • High flow dual throttle body inlet
  • Air water charge cooler system
  • Polypropylene water reservoir
  • OEM high density water radiator
  • Bosch water pump
  • High capacity Hitachi fuel injectors
  • Hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum bracket
  • OEM 7 rib serpentine belt and tensioner FEAD
  • High flow MAF housings
  • 2x K&N induction filters with pre-filters
  • Hex Flash ECU tuning programming cable
  • Fully reversible
  • Made in California, USA.

“Using state of the art technology and production processes, VF-Engineering have created a system that integrates with the V10 engine effectively and produces a proven result which has been adopted and installed in the primary and aftermarket.

Packing a lag-free instant punch of torque from 5psi of boost at 1500rpm, the air charge progressively climbs to 6.5psi at redline resulting in exhilarating increase in acceleration. The supercharger creates a predictable delivery of power output likening the car to that of the V12 Lamborghini. This suits all driving styles and conditions and not just straight line acceleration.

Designed as a reversible and simple upgrade this product is targeted at the daily driver and enthusiast looking to retain the character of the V10 Lamborghini.

Tested by Motor Trend magazine, the supercharged V10 achieves 0-60 in 3.1s (originally 3.9s) and hits the quarter mile flag in just 11.0 sec @ 127.3 mph.”

Client: University Village

Job: Print and web marketing materials, web design, logo design, branding

Deliverables: Images, design, copy, key prototype

A New Style of Student Housing in Fullerton, CA

At University Village’s student apartments in Fullerton, CA, you’ll truly experience college the way you’re supposed to — tailored to you! We’ve designed our entire community with students in mind — from our resort-style swimming pool with cabanas and a hammock garden, to our recreation area and game room, we have it all. You’ll love your new home at our conveniently located off-campus student housing near California State University and Fullerton College. Plus, with a variety of floor plans available, there are plenty of ways to live in style. Our modern and updated interiors feature upgraded flooring, new finishes and fixtures, and fully equipped kitchens. Community-wide improvements and newly renovated units — sign your lease online today, or stop by to see for yourself all that University Village has to offer.

Client: University Village

Job: Print and web marketing materials, web design, logo design, branding

Deliverables: Images, design, logo, copy

Client: GAC

Job: Toyota

Deliverables: Images, TRD logo revamp, animated media

Client: Hex Tuning

Job: Hex Tuning animated web ad

Deliverables: Logo, branding, images, design, copy

Client: Hex Tuning

Job: software module

Deliverables: Package design, images, copy

“HEX TUNING ECU Performance Software
VF Engineering is thrilled to introduce OBDII Direct Port ECU Flashing for the 2015 and later Lamborghini LP 580-2 and LP 610-4. Expertly calibrated and extensively tested to provide noticeably improved throttle response with increased horsepower and torque, all while preserving your OEM like drivability and reliability.”

Client: VF Engineering

Job: Sales Card

Deliverables: Design, images, copy

Client: BSA

Job: Print/web ad

Deliverables: images, copy

Client: Dunlap Property Group

Job: Website

Deliverables: Images, design, copy

The Villa Del Sol was the pride and joy of the community – and it was owned by citizens who purchased shares in the Fullerton Community Hotel Company, headed by Charles C. Chapman.

Groundbreaking was held January 22nd, 1922 for the California Hotel, at which time corporation board member S.C. Hartranft noted that Fullerton, “already has the finest water system, the finest churches, the best schools, elegant paved streets, a lighting system unequaled anywhere, and civic organizations we are proud of….now we are going to have the finest hotel in the state! A triumph unparalleled.”

Client: Source Interlink

Job: Print, web

Deliverables: images, design, copy

Client: Self Promo

Job: Rose quartz in natural Texas stone

Deliverables: Desk light