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People Are Awesome


I’ve photographed corporate team-building events in the jungle, weddings in Yosemite and family reunions in the Black Forest. Groups have ranged in size from a single couple to a couple hundred. Every shoot is unique.


Les was amazing. There were 214 of us and he managed to make everyone feel special. I’ve got the pictures to prove it! We already booked him for our next reunion.

Lisa Vaughn

25th Annual Vaughn Family Reunion

I’ve also shot weddings 300 ft up Half Dome. Some took place 22 feet underwater. A few have even taken place in churches and synagogues…at sea level. Every shoot is unique


Under Water?

You Bet!

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I will need to write it first. Just wish I hadn’t drank all that cough syrup. Hoooweee….the CareBears just danced across my keyboard. Pics t/k.

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Latest Work

Boy Scouts USA

I am the proud father of 3 Eagle Scouts…so there.

Butch Bidrawn



Super snappy verbiage will soon fill this space. I just need to, like, create them. But in the meanwhile, pretend this little passage is utterly enthralling. You must have Butch shoot your next gig.