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Shooting product can be very easy or incredibly challenging. Even simple things can contain volumes of complex design and engineering that needs to be conveyed in a single image.

I can do that.  

I’m always impressed with Les’ work. How he manages to photograph so many wheels in such limited time is amazing. That’s probably why he’s shot our catalog for the last 12 years.

Claus Ettenseberger

CEC Wheels

Some folks get apprehensive about hiring a professional shooter for thier project. Images of big, expensive productions mixed with big-buck egotistical photographers scare quite a few off.

I’m not that guy.

I’ve shot entire catalogs in spaces no larger than minivan and produced outstanding images for less than half the expected price.  To be honest…that’s fun part. Do great stuff under challenging conditions and do it under budget. It’s a strategy that’s won my client’s loyalty for more than 28 years.

If you’re up against a deadline and need great catalog pics, like now, you need Bidrawn.

James Hickerson

Warn Winches


  • Timken
  • Warn
  • VF Engineering
  • US Optics
  • Cabellas
  • Ebay
  • Denso
  • Nissan
  • Taurus
  • TRD
  • Mattel
  • CEC
  • JBL
  • Mark Levinson

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Mark Levinson POP Kiosk

And Coffee

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